Today's front page of The Times has a deep 2-column width photo illustrating the Love Parade catastrophe. As soon as I can scan in the front to show you I'll post it up. It has the movement, the dynamic composition, the extreme emotion, the inter-relationships, the hands, the feet, the faces – the narrative of a Rogier van der Weyden. Whoever is the picture editor working on the front page of the Times is really very good, so good that I often want to buy the paper just so I can keep that front. There was that landscape shot during the Obama campaign of the future president and a blurred US flag, shot from the back – one of the most abstract and compelling photos I've ever seen in a newspaper. Often they'll use a really deep portrait image over two columns, like today – a tight crop, difficult to make work, and they stick in my mind for weeks and months.

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