I read this quote by DH Lawrence, on witnessing a communcal dance at Taos, New Mexico, in a catalogue of an exhibition entitled Art of the Ancient Americas at the Art Institute of Chicago in the 80s.

"Never shall I forget the utter absorption of the dance, so quiet, so steadily, timelessly rhythmic, and silent, with the ceaseless down-tread, always to the earth's center, the very reverse of the upflow of Sionysiac or Christian ecstasy. Never shall I forget the feep singing of the men at the drum, swelling and sinking, the deepest sound I have heard in all my life, deeper than thunder, deeper than the sound of the Pacific ocean, deeper than the roar of a deep waterfall: the wonderful deep sound of men calling to the unspeakable depths."

The catalogue features pieces about the Nazca lines, Chaco Canyon, Teotihuacan and Tiwanaku. All these ancient ancient places with names like Tabasco that jolt you right back into the greasy spoons and leatherette diners of our times.

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