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Shirifune (Butt Boat) by my friend Moriro Moriyama is being screened at Cafe Oto on October 2. I met Moriyama in Osaka in 2005 when I did a residency at Osaka Arts Aporia. He lived with Umeda near the Tsutenkaku, proper downtown Osaka where everything takes you by surprise. I walked around with them a lot, listened to lots of music, hung out at Bridge, the most exciting venue I've ever been to, and met lots of interesting people. The area at the foot of the Tsutenkaku tower looks just like the cityscapes in Tekkonkinreet – muddled, jagged, rough, faded and raw. Homeless guys everywhere with their loaded handpulled carts and beautiful blue tent constructions, dodgy dive bars, innards nabe restaurants and kushikatsu restaurants, huge sculptures on buildings, lots of old broken messy stuff. It's a magical place, dark and sad but also (quite literally luminous) and full of strange energies, and amazing music.

Moriyama and Umeda came to London a couple years ago for shows/screenings. We walked around Dalston, ate festivals and cornmeal porridge at Pepper and Spice, drank chai and it was wonderful.

Don't miss Moriyama's screening, and any performance Umeda does, anywhere near to wherever you are, don't miss that either. There's no one else like him.

If I do any upcoming gigs, they'll be posted here, at daleisloup.com. And here, on bunt.

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