'Espresso with a lemon twist'*

Wednesday October 6, Catalogue magazine is celebrating its first anniversary at South London Gallery. There will be a talk with Tatiana Trouvé and screenings of works by Ivan Argote, Neil Beloufa, Julien Crépieux, Colin Guillemet, Raphaël Julliard, Barbara Kruger, Charlotte Moth, Open Music Archive, Hiraki Sawa.
Coline Millard and Florence Ostende are doing great work on this new publication. Check it out.
Other good online places that actually draw you in with their design and focus, making you WANt to read what they have to say about art/design/fashion/whatever, I've found recently are:
we make money not art
feeling listless
things magazine
amelia's magazine
art sleuth

I keep thinking about Axel Foley walking into the art gallery where his friend works in Beverly Hills, looking at the installation and freaking out – with a line I love – when he meets *Serge and the latter tells him how much said installation just sold for. It's a classic film, a great bit of dialogue and a nice poke at the 80s artworld going mental. Why am I thinking about this? Because it always makes me laugh and because, having just read a comment thread on Jonathan Jone's guardian art blog, I feel swamped in heavy, wordy, painfully dull stuff about what art is and what it isn't and why this prize/gallery/artist sucks etc etc etc ad nauseum. I often don't agree with JJ's views, but he does write engagingly – and he does love art. You can feel it. OK, so maybe comment threads are often boring. But they don't have to be – there can be a real buzz... I'm wondering if there'll ever be a place where people will find as much brightness and energy – and discord, from time to time – in thinking and talking about art as they do on, say, StyleBubble or StyleRookie – with a light, deft touch and the immediacy of a gasp, as well as well argumented critical discourse. Those are blogs that make you want to go and eat clothes, swim in fashion – get drunk on new ideas. I read a lot of stuff about art and I just want to stuff my head under a pillow to crowd out the boredom. Exhibitions like the recent Francis Alÿs or like Tacita Dean's Craneway Event at Frith Street Gallery make me A just want to go to the studio and make more work and B talk about them, loudly. They remind me that I'm still alive and that art has a lot to do with that. The above blogs are new to me, but I'm hoping to find good things there – online space with a bit of magic...

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