Funny Face

I watched Funny Face for the first time last night. Actually, I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's for the first time on Saturday. And then Funny Face the following day, and Sabrina last night. I can't quite believe I'm admitting to this. But then again, the amount of things I've not seen/listened to/read is just depressingly HUGE. Anyway, I can't really handle musicals, and this was no exception. I fastforwarded through every song. But the visuals – dancing, the clothes, the colours, the rhythms and textures, and Hepburn's eyes – were too good to be true.
I've also been watching Arrested Development, which I find myself almost addicted to – because of Jason Bateman's voice. That voice. And the general surreal feel. On Friday I saw Scott Pilgrim vs the World, really want to see it again and own it on DVD. Throughout I've been reading about Mesopotamian legends, cuneiform writing and Babylonian deities. And I recently read Amer Béton (Tekkonkinkreet - 鉄コン筋クリート).
So right now the images populating my brain are Audrey Hepburn in black with white socks, Michael in the Bluth Staircar chasing Gob on a Segway, Gilgamesh and Enkidu fighting Humbaba in the forest, Kuro and Shiro flying above the most spectacular jumblesale of a decaying urban dump and Jesse Eisenberg as Nega-Cera.

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