Shock the monkey

Thinking about various things today. Fever Ray and her cover of Peter Gabriel's Mercy Street. Which I haven't yet listened to, because reading about that made me listen to a bunch of old PG tracks: Solisbury Hill, Sledgehammer, Shock the Monkey. And that's leading to Eddie Grant - Electric Avenue, Robert Palmer - Woke Up Laughing, Brenda Fassi - Matsidiso, DJ Mujava - Township Funk, Vampire Weekend - Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa and Joan Jett - Bad Reputation. So they're all here in my Twin Pines Mall playlist. 

(Lone Pine Mall. Twin Pines Mall. 
Had you ever noticed that??


And is that Eddie Grant video not amazing? The black helmets, the beach, the kids, the interiors, the way he's killing the camera with that intense and sincere and determined glare, while chilling, awkwardly, on that lounge chair. The colours. The motorbikes. I find it addictive. And of course, the track itself immediately brings Dale Denton to mind, which makes me happy. His being my namesake is irrelevant – Dale Denton and Saul and Red and the random, unhappy extras just sitting around in the background, the two bad-ass gansters, Budlofski and Matheson, the fact that most of the guys in Pineapple Express secretely have the same hair-do, Bill Hader's entire cameo, oh just about everything in there makes me happy. My plan is to watch everything David Gordon Green has done. 


  1. Love it



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  2. thank you tc - i just checked out your blog and twitter (i'm dlaebe)