'Tavi says'

Tavi is on the front page of newyorker.com today. The slide show is worth a browse, even though if you read her site, you'll remember every one of those particular posts. Damn paywall though – I can't read the full article without subscribing. This might just be the shove that pushes me over into subscribing full stop. I spend so much time on the site, and every time I can get a hold of a copy I read it from cover to cover. So. Last fashion week there was all sorts of bad feeling and backlash in the press, mostly from fashion insiders, against Tavi – for being young and out there and doing stuff. "When other people are trying to make a living." A flood of the most badly dissimulated jealousy and ire, prompted mostly by her wearing That Pink Bow. I just felt so depressed at that display of mean-spiritedness. Reading her blog is a highlight of my day, she is bright and sparkling and funny and candid and her heart is right there on her spotted sleeves. Everyone is trying to make a living, trying to make it in whichever world they chose to live in, and it's never easy, even when success rains on you. It's all as fragile and as transient as sunlight in winter. This kid IS like sunshine and it's thrilling to see her filter into all these different places, be it style.com or the new yorker, because she wears magnificently unexpected shapes, she laughs out loud and she casts weird shadows.

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