'They bow shyly as wet swans'

Auto Retrato en el Espejo de Frida, 2008

I met Jodie Vicenta Jacobson when I was at the Slade in 2002. She was taking these mesmerising photos of her daily surroundings, bathed in a soft and gentle light that came as much from inside her mind as it did from lampshades and window sills. They weren't shocking, they weren't brash, they weren't even always new – but they were other, and they stayed with me. They embedded themselves in my brain, welding their otherness to memories and fragments of poems or novels read, places dreamt of, people loved. Jacobson looks at the world with the same generosity of heart and indomitable curiosity with which she greets each new person who crosses her path. And her photographs are infused with this spirit – they are stills from a film you don't want to end, because it is alive and restless and utterly engaging. They make me think of Ozu – Tokyo Story, The Flavour of Green Tea on Rice, The Record of a Tenement Gentleman. Or William Eggleston's photo of Lesa and Karen. Or James Wright – The Blessing. Or Low's (That's How You Sing) Amazing Grace.

Jodie Vicenta Jacobson is based in New York. She is represented by Yancey Richardson and Foil.

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