'On top of the world without the fear of fallin'

Have you listened to Black Milk's Album of the Year? He wasn't kidding with that title, presumptuous though it might have seemed. It has something of the beauty, the magic touch of a real Dilla. He appears in part 2 of this documentary about Detroit – a place of magnetic, tantalising raw potential. Total decrepitude and bankruptcy have meant that the city has been abandoned by practially every semblance of official authority and left to its own devices. And so the prairie and the free are taking control, and it's a beautiful thing to behold. The narrator is annoying, but the people he talks to (who include Carl Craig and Mr Larry Mongo, a total don in a bright pink shirt) are not, and the ruins, the intitatives and the perspectives they talk about are inspiring. If I could find me a way to get there, it would be an exciting move.
Check it Black Milk's Losing Out here:

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