I'll be your Tokyo

My friend Schokosays says this: More ATP news. I'll Be Your Mirror has been announced for February. In Tokyo. I want to be there... The first time I went to Tokyo was in 2005. I was only in Japan for about 5 days in total – for the boy's opening at the Yokohama Triennale. I arrived having had very little sleep for days on end, and this exhaustion joined forces with extreme jetlag and the utterly overwhelmingness of Tokyo to an unsuspecting newcomer to make me feel decidely ill. The noise - the onslaught of sounds and musics and loudhailers and pedestrian signals and train announcements and jingles and machines of every shape and size talking to you - did my head in. But since then, every time I go back, Tokyo softens and warps into a quieter place, one I can navigate with greater ease, one where I know small corners and good friends and legendary shops and hidden neighbourhoods whose ancient hearts are right there behind the thin layers of contemporary cosmopolitain life. Most of my Tokyo is somehow related to music – all my friends there are either artists or musicians. So whenever I think of the city, I think in songs, or filmtracks. ATP in Tokyo is a good idea. Who do you think play??

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