'April and the Phantom'

Leon Kossoff, Dalston Junction With Ridley Road Street Market, Friday Evening, November, 1972. Animal Collective. Lewis Heriz, God is Able Hair Salon, 2010. Mikrophony–awesome from Awesome Tapes From Africa

So Animal Collective have just been announced as the curators for next spring's ATP. Which is exciting. And their first confirmed choice is a DJ and film set from Sublime Frequencies, a worthy descendant of Smithsonian Folkways and Alan Lomax. Which is very exciting. And which brings me to this:
Awesome Tapes From Africa
Our studio is on Ridley Road market in Dalston, right opposite one of the music stalls – the guy who plays the same record all day long for months on end. At the end of every messy day, when the rubbish is knee high and the butchers are scrubbing their floors, the music is turned up to saturated cracking level on small speakers in pretty much every market-side shop. And even in those questionable sound-quality conditions (or maybe enhanced by them? i'm always undecided) there are great tunes to be heard. I always want to know who's playing. Now Awesome Tapes-From-Africa-man is in Brooklyn, a long way away from Ridley Road, but he has a collection of tapes that could defo be found or compared to the CDRs and other things available in our neck of the woods. And he's archiving all his finds on his site. There is so much to listen to there.
Therefore: new playlist in the making – Fantômas (for Soweto and all things kwaito, Baltimore, my new friend in Brooklyn and the ladies who run the God is Able hair salon)

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  1. Did you know ATP is going to be held in Japan next year?! I will, I MUST go to AC ATP, let's!