Paper trail

Exhibtion poster folded in transparent envelope, front and back, Otomo Yoshihide, Ensembles 2010, Art Tower Mito, November 30-January 16

Art Paper Invitations is a blog by Osvaldo Sanviti, documenting invitation cards from leading galleries around the world. This is a good idea, and I'm surprised that Sanviti says, in this interview in AnOther magazine, that only a few galleries make paper invitations anymore. I'm not sure how this happened but we seem to receive a invitation every other day in the post and this overabundance can make me less inclined to really pay attention. But invitations are such a big part of preparing a show – so much work goes into the poster and the card and the title. And they are, as Sanviti says, often little pieces of art.
This week we got posters for Otomo Yoshihide's Ensembles 2010 exhibition at Art Tower Mito – beautiful, elaborate and densely detailed.

Below: poster front and back – click to zoom in on details, there are comic strips, sound instructions and doodles in there...

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