Yesterday's little Jeremy-Hunt-as-Culture-Secretary gem, courtesy of James Naughtie AND Andrew Marr, spawned – among other things – some beautiful tweets, my favourite being "Words Emily won't be using on air at 2230, BBC2: Cuts/cut/hunt/culture/can’t/Kent countryside Full show details here: http://bbc.in/i0FMtu"
Cuts/cut/hunt/culture/can’t/Kent countryside
That's a really beautiful list. Reminds me of the sheer sonic joy in reading Jonathan Lethem's Motherless Brooklyn out loud to myself. I like all kinds of lists of words. Looking something up in the dictionary is never a quick fix because I always get distracted. And so this post on Kottke today has made me very happy: The Antarctic Dictionary. A Complete Guide to Antarctic English, by Bernadette Hince. A long list of words that have been invented over the past 100 years in order to grapple with the extreme and unique characteristics of life on the South Pole... You can view pages here

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  1. This looks like an amazing book! I want a copy.

    I love the word Katabatic, to mean of great strength and applied to the freezing winds that role down the snowy slopes of the extreme south.

    With a book like this you'll always have the right words for a trip to the beaches of the Ross Sea.