Three Beards

With the beauty and madness of a bat stuck in a big head of hair, the self-labelled East-Anglian experimental folk ensemble, Three Beards, crafts compelling tunes reminiscent of Kusturica soundtracks and John Zorn's take on klezmer. The nine members of the band play a mixture of instruments including banjo, double bass, guitar, violin and drums but also accordeon, toy piano, saw and broom. They shout, growl and warble lyrics in made-up languages, wear green face paint, sparkles and space-men outfits and fill out any stage with unravelling, pulsating energy. Their compositions are tight and chaotic. Their sound is roughly textured, tense and sharp. They'll take you to faraway places – Mediterranean wildernesses, east-European highlands, Greece and Crown Heights – with irony, punkish irreverence and soaring, welling emotion.
You can listen to them here and here

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